This TUDUNG PUTIH SEKOLAH SOFT AWNING ANTI KELEPET is perfect for young Muslim girls looking for comfortable and stylish hijabs to wear at school.

  • Anti-Kelepet: This hijab is designed to stay in place, avoiding any discomfort or need for constant readjusting throughout the day.
  • Comfortable and Cool: Made with soft, breathable material that will keep your child comfortable and cool even during hot days.
  • M L XL Sizes Available: With three different sizes available (M, L, XL), you can find the perfect fit for your child’s age and head size.

This TUDUNG SEKOLAH ANTI KELEPET is a great option for parents looking to provide their children with a practical yet stylish piece of Islamic clothing. The soft awning design provides extra coverage while remaining lightweight enough to wear all day long.

In addition, this hijab comes in three different sizes (M,L,XL) making it easy to find the right fit no matter your child’s age or head size. Say goodbye to constantly readjusting their hijab throughout the school day as this one stays secure without any slipping or sliding!


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